We let your dream come true

About Gas Mold >> Overview
We let your dream come true.
In 1990, the elite of industrial control had in view of the fact that clients were asking product quality and complex

product design in the market. They made a decision to develop one plastic injection system which could let manufactures

produce their products quicker and achieve clients' demands easily.
In 1992, complied with the market change, Fu Yi Cheng Technology was established in Canada, and provided world
professional level in Gas Assist Injection Unit and System. Concurrently, invested more resources to research, develop

and improve our technical skill for Gas Assist Injection Unit and System, to meet clients' requirements.

The major products of Gas Mold are Gas Control Unit, Nitrogen Generator, High Pressure Nitrogen Compressor, CAE

molding analysis and design, System Integration and so on. We also cooperate with the molding analysis experts who are

from Germany, Holland and United States, and anticipate offering complete supports and services to our clients, and

solve their problems.

For business relations, we sincerely hope both parties can be in win-win stage. Gas Mold persists in letting you pay few,

and obtain many. Gas Mold specialized discipline team, will be in the shortest time, provides equipment shipment, design
consultancy, marketing planning and everything you need. Also, we are pretty confident of our sales after services, and

be quickest response, removes any troubles in your assembly line.

Base on the belief of supreme service, we have service units in China and Taiwan. On the other hand, we are aggressive to

build up business network in the world. If you need us, please contact with us, we are very pleasure to provide services to

About Gas Mold >> Reputation

Our core value is Integrity and Responsibility.

Integrity and Responsibility are central to Gas Mold, Fu Yi Cheng Technology. Also, they reflect the deeply firm's

values and are independent of current internal environment and management style.

Integrity and Responsibility will not be changed even if our company operates changes.
About Gas Mold >> Senior Management

Mr. Roger Tsai (Mr. Tsai Hui-Dong) : Owner and President of Fu Yi Cheng Technology.
Mr. Astrom Huang, Ph.D. (Mr. Huang Jia-He) : Owner and General Manager of Fu Yi Cheng Technology.
Ms. Christine Fang (Ms. Fang Hong) : the Director of Finance Division.
Ms. Lisa Chung (Ms. Chung Pei-Han) : the Director of Logistics Division.

Mr. David Lu (Mr. Lu Rui-Cheng) : the Director of Technical Division.

Mr. Tony Cano : the Director of Purchasing Division.

Mr. Tony Tsai (Mr. Tsai Chang-Hua) : the Director of Sales & Marketing Division.